Defying God (A)
Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten map
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Episode Ties Deeper Than Darkness
Enemies x1 Level 100 Nemo

x6 Level 97 Malice Android

Bonus Rank 36
Geo Symbols None
Geo Panels None
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Defying God is the last story stage in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. If you have beaten the previous stage, Boiling Point, with multiple allies, you will fight Nemo as your final boss.  Once you beat this stage, you will enter the Post-Game segment and later have the opportunity to start a New Cycle.


The last boss can be quite challenging if go in with brute force. His high stats, high area of effect spells, the ability to move through units, and his two unique evilites: Physical Malice (Summon a Malice unit to the map on every turn) and Flooding Malice (Increase stats by 10% x the # of Malice units on the map) can be quite a handful. You need to beat him as soon as possible before his evilities kick in full gear. On the fourth turn, Nemo will start to lose patience by charging head-first into the battlefield.

The easiest strategy is to use the Heart Cannon strategy by loading tons of surrounding ally units for a massive combo.

A longer but more cautious strategy can be to split up your units and walk around the battle field away from the boss, killing his Malice units to weaken his strength. This can be risky however, since Nemo will begin to move after you on the fourth turn. Once the last Malice unit is defeated and if you have some units who haven't performed an action, you can unleash everything you have on the now fully weakened Nemo before ending your turn and allowing him to summon a new Malice unit.

You can also use Lift-Sacrifice Strategy for boss fights. Use your offensive characters to deal as much damage as possible then use a weak unit to lift a boss unit to end your turn. The boss will stomp on character, resulting in killing that character unless they have a really high HP. It is a great way to control a boss without worrying about their movements or area of effect damage. Rinse and repeat the strategy until they're dead. The strategy does have some limitations, you can only dispatch 10 ally units per battle.

Enemy Level Quantity Equipment
Nemo 100 x1 Malice DES X (Magichange), Spartan Shield , Spirit Belt
Malice Android 97 x6 Hades Blade, Passion Vest, Winged Boots

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