Dead Tree Field is the fourth and final map in The Overlord's Daughter, disregarding the tutorial maps. 


Dead Tree Field introduces Axel.


You'll be met by Axel, some kind of celebrity. He has company: 3 Fighters, 2 Lady Fighters and 1 Healer. 1 Fighter has Worn Gloves; 2 Fighters have Lazy Swords, the Lady Fighters have Pikes; the Healer has a Training Staff and a Common Orb, and Axel, of course, has Gloves (and an Imperial Seal). There are no Geo Symbols or Geo Panels in this place.

In subsequent visits, Axel is replaced with a Green Mage. Killing this mage will immediately take you to the Dark World stage, if the Dark World is unlocked.

Dark WorldEdit

The Dark World version of this map contains a single 4x2 panel in the center of the map, completely covered in mages. The main property of this panel is Reverse Damage, making this map a possible option for training Healers, but a nuisance for anyone else.