Core Point No. 4
D1area 53
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 第4コアポイント
Romaji Dai 4 koa pointo
Location Stellar Graveyard II
Episode Episode 12: War of the Netherworld, Part 1
Enemies 11x lvl 44 Recruit
Bonus Rank 21
Geo Symbols Lv. 44 Green 'Ally Damage 20%' x5
Lv. 44 Red 'Silence'
Geo Panels Red & Green
Previous map Embryon
Next map Star Cluster

Core Point No. 4 is the second stage in Episode 12: War of the Netherworld, Part 1 in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Kurtis, Gordon's rival appears, and he is not very impressed that Gordon has failed his mission and became the overlord's slave. Because of this, he has lost interest in fighting Gordon. But Gordon makes a passionate speech and Kurtis decides to give him a chance to prove his worth.

Enemy InformationEdit

Enemy Level/Number Equipped Items
D1 EDF Soldier 01
Level 44 x9 Silver Axe
Silver Tux
D1 EDF Soldier 01
Level 44 x2 RQ66 Saint
Silver Tux
D1 Symbol Green
Ally Damage 20%
Level 44 x5 -
D1 Symbol Red
Level 44 -

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