Combination Skills are a new feature introduced in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. Specific characters can use these skills while the required character is in one of the 8 adjacent spaces. Much like Dual Magichange, the order of which the character starts the skill is exact, and can't be swapped around.

Combination SkillsEdit

Acting Character Required Side Characters Skill Name Type
Killia Seraphina Cryo Heartbreaker Damage Dealer
Red Magnus Flaming Spin Kick
Usalia Supreme Curry Boost Attack and Fire Magic Resist
Seraphina Killia Heart Ensemble Damage Dealer
Christo Malicious Eye
Usalia Exploding Elegance
Red Magnus Seraphina Monkey Cannon Damage Dealer
Zeroken Cross Flame Gale
Christo Killia Freezing Light Damage Dealer
Usalia Curry Break
Usalia Red Magnus Demon Star Breaker Damage Dealer
Zeroken Extreme Kick
Zeroken Killia Avidya Holy Waters Damage Dealer
Goldion Shadow Smash
Majorita Usalia Great Beast War Damage Dealer
Void Killia Twin Macro Palm Damage Dealer
Goldion Shadow Light Fist
Goldion Killia Secret Fist Improv Damage Dealer
Zeroken, Void and Killia Grand Macro Palm Damage Dealer
Asagi Seraphina Freikugel Damage Dealer
Laharl Flonne Conflagration Fury Damage Dealer
Etna Laharl Blazing Impact Damage Dealer
Flonne Sicily Double Holy Arrow Damage Dealer
Sicily Laharl Sis-Lord Sky Fist Damage Dealer
Adell Rozalin Rising Ice Phoenix Damage Dealer
Rozalin Seraphina Love Revelation Damage Dealer
Axel (Akutare) Adell Burning Soul Bros Damage Dealer
Mao Raspberyl Ultimate Bookmark Damage Dealer
Almaz Mao Hero Team-Up Damage Dealer
Sapphire Almaz Captured Princess Damage Dealer
Raspberyl Sapphire T-Rule: Moxibustion Damage Dealer
Salvatore Almaz Hero Style Order Damage Dealer
Valvatorez Fenrich Bloody Storm Damage Dealer
Fenrich Emizel Execution Chain Damage Dealer
Fuka Desco and Artina Tri-Angels Steal from all enemies
Desco Fuka Full Desco Burst Damage Dealer
Emizel Desco Delta Calamity Damage Dealer
Artina (Angel and Nun) Valvatorez Moonlight Ensemble Damage Dealer
Priere Christo Light and Darkness Damage Dealer
Zetta Red Magnus Rising Magna Star Damage Dealer
Pram Zetta Glass Illusion Damage Dealer
Petta Zetta X Beam Damage Dealer

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