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Disgaea Angel artwork

The Celestial Host, otherwise known as Angels, are one of the final humanoid classes of Disgaea. For all of the tiers, all stats' aptitudes are 100%, save for Resistance, which is 110%. Likewise, all angels all have 'A' Weapon Mastery in Sword, Staff, Spear, and Bow. On top of this, Angel's can learn Heal, Mega Heal, Giga Heal, and Espoir, and one element of spells up to Giga, making them the most versatile humanoid characters next to the Majin.

On the opposite side, however, they can be absolutely devastating. You will be seeing them all over Celestia in the Final Chapter of Laharl's story, as well as on the very last map of Etna Mode. They are also known to be enemies in the Item World, but only in the higher rank items.


In order to unlock the angel class, a player must have the following characters existing on their team at the same time:

Disgaea DS Collection bookEdit

The celestial host is comprised of angels who have displayed great skill in battle. They excel in both offense and defense, and their rank and wingspan are determined by their spiritual power. They believe in absolute righteousness of the angels, and they eliminate all who oppose them. They can be stubborn.


Tier Name Requirements
D1 Celestial Host 01
Have a level 100 Female Healer, Knight and Archer
D1 Celestial Host 02
Angel Cadet
Level 10
D1 Celestial Host 03
Angel Soldier
Level 24
D1 Celestial Host 04
Level 50
D1 Celestial Host 05
Level 100
D1 Celestial Host 06
Level 200


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