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Cave of Ordeal 5

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Cave of Ordeal 5
D1area 79
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Location Cave of Ordeal
Episode Any
Enemies Lv. 350 Nightmare x 6

Lv. 400 Nebiros x 4
Lv. 700 Tiamat
Lv. 1000 Zombie King (first visit only)

Bonus Rank 38 - 40
Geo Symbols None
Geo Panels None
Previous map Cave of Ordeal 4
Next map Cave of Ordeal

Cave of Ordeal 5 is the fifth and final map in the Cave of Ordeal series. Winning it is complicated by the difficulty of attacking the furthest monster, a level 1000 zombie. The difficulty is that it is located on an island 12 spaces away from the mainland. There is a bridge midway, meaning you would need to be able to throw a character 6 spaces twice to reach it in person. This immediately requires two Thieves and/or Captain Gordon in order to be able to reach it.

The strategy a player often follows is first defeating all the creatures on the main island, then stacking whatever characters they have left via lifting, with the two thieves being on the bottom, then throwing the whole stack over to the island.

Moreover, the Zombie King has a 'Arcadia', an emblem of rank 39. So many players also pack a third Thief in order to be able to steal the rare emblem.

The level 1000 Zombie King is removed from the map once it is cleared. Also when the map is cleared, the player recieves a God's Hand, a rank 39 Fist weapon.

Also note that this stage is the only stage (aside from the fight with Priere) in which the "Arcadia" accessory exists. If the player wishes for multiple copies, new cycles must be played, since the emblem does NOT appear as an Item World enemy's item, or Bonus Item.

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