Carnage Master is an Evil Symbol in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten that allows for a an additional fusion with an already fused Giant Monster. It is unlocked by having one character with any base stat higher than 20,000,000 and by passing the bill for 10,000 mana. Carnage Master allows any monster in its area to fuse with a Giant Monster and has an initial Evil Area of 1 space and can be expanded via Chara World.


  • All monsters fused receive EXP and Mana.
  • The Giant Monster skills have increased range and power.
  • For each additional fusion, 30% of the monster's base stats are added and can be increased by Fusion Lover innocents.


  • The Giant Monster counts as 3-4 units when defeated
  • When a third or fourth Monster fuses with the Giant Monster, the second monster's Primary Evility when fused will be overridden.
  • Requires the Carnage Master Evil Area and has limited space for the Evil Area.

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