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Belts are an item to increase ATK. Usually, they also decrease DEF, (SPD in Disgaea 2 ) but in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, that negative side has been removed. In the first two installments, Belts were either Bonus prizes or items avaliable at the shops once the "Belt Inventory" bills were passed. To unlock the Belts section in the Armor Shop in Disgaea 3, you will have to pass the "Appoint Justice Legion NW "and have someone within that club. Also, Belts are a Succubus's favorite item to receive when bribing in the Dark Council.

Disgaea 3: Absence of JusticeEdit

Name Rank Shop Price ATK Description
Power Belt 3 0-12 200 5 Tighten it to get a slight power boost.
Exertion Belt 7 0-12 3,000 18 If only effort made up for lack of talent.
Energy Belt 11 0-12 18,000 35 With this, infinite push-ups become a reality!
Beasty Belt 15 1-12 60,000 57 More powerful than, 1,000 gorillas!
Aura Belt 19 2-12 160,000 92 You really crank my engine.
Spirit Belt 23 3-12 400,000 140 Come on! Bring it on! Let's do this!!!
Bravery Belt 27 4-12 1,000,000 205 Everyone will love your shiny belt.
Black Belt 31 Item World 4,200,000 298 Only a true master is allowed to wear this.
Ubermensch 35 Land of Carnage 17,000,000 443 Feel as strong as a hero.
Orion's Belt 39 Land of Carnage 125,000,000 2450 Gird yourself for a galactic battle!

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