Beginner's Map
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories map
Location Town Fields
Episode The Overlord's Daughter: 1.1
Enemies 3x Lvl 1 Petite Orcs
2x Lvl 1 Ghosts
Enemies in the Dark World 3x Lvl 80 Mothmen
Bonus Rank 1
Geo Symbols Null - Heal 20%
Geo Panels {{{panel}}}
Previous map Tutorial (Disgaea 2)
Next map Reflection Pond

Beginner's Map is the first replayable map of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, and the first map in the game outside of the tutorial. Bizarrely, since it is not seen during the tutorial and it is unlocked at the same time as Reflection Pond (the next map), it is possible to play through the game's entire story without ever seeing this map.


Beginner's Map has no cut-scenes or dialogue associated with it.


There are 3 level 1 Petite Orcs on a 2-by-2 Geo Panel that has a Heal 20% Geo Symbol. In the back are 2 level 1 Ghosts.

Dark WorldEdit

The base panel will now be where the Heal 20% was. The Dark Sun effect is 'enemy Revive every other turn,' and there are 3 level 80 Mothmen on the three places the roads extend.