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Axel's Scheme is the fourth episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories


After the gang loses to Etna, Adell's mother tells him that Hanako and Taro have been kidnapped by Axel. By crossing the maps, Adell reveals that his real parents disappeared a long time ago. In the end, Hanako joins the party and Taro is drowned by the river.

Blood ValleyEdit


2 Alraune, 4 petite orc, 2 orc captain and 2 spirits.

Geo SymbolsEdit

1 Red No ranged attacks symbol and 1 clear Exp+ 50% symbol.

Life ExchangeEdit


Geo SymbolsEdit

Red WaterfallEdit


8 Nekomatas and 1 Beast master

Geo SymbolsEdit

1 clear Enemy Level increases by 10% symbol.

Dragon's MouthEdit


Geo SymbolsEdit

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