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Axel's Home is the location of the Axel Mode Hub Area in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. Axel's Home is a Japanese Style home located in a far off Netherworld. Due to Axel and his family not having a lot of money, it's a rather shabby place and not in the best condition. Part of the house is painted Gold and has a Cardboard Cutout of a Mansion Entrance. Like all Hub Areas, there are several shops to use and People to talk to.


  • Axahontas: Axel's Mother
  • Axial: Axel's Brother
  • Axril: Axel's Sister
  • Axeleration: Axel's Super Intelligent Baby Brother
  • Axident: Axel's Other Baby Brother
  • Catsaber: Axel's Pet. He's a Catsaber from Makai Kingdom.
  • Director: Axel's Director and Manager. Acts as the Dimensional Guide.
  • Landlord: Property Owner. He's a Sinner Class Character.
  • Milly: A Shallow Girl. She's a Beast Tamer Class Character.
  • Neighbor: A gambling man. He's a Ninja Class Character.
  • Richard: A former rich demon. He's a Cockatrice Class Character.
  • Prepon: Axel's Housekeeper. He's a Prinny Class Character.
  • Aiward: The Item Worlder. He's a Ghost Class Character.
  • Mania: Weapon Shop Owner. She's a Nekomata Class Character.
  • Minia: Armor Shop Owner. She's also a Nekomata Class Character.
  • Munia: General Store Owner. She's also a Nekomata Class Character.
  • Strike: The Weapon informant. He's a Cu Sith Class character.
  • Messen: The Post Officer. He's a Mothman Class Character.
  • Gigain: The Dark Secretary. He's a Wood Golem Class Character.
  • Cameraman: Axel's Zombie Camerman. He runs the Hospital as well.
  • Caress: Axel's Reporter and Record Shop Owner. She's a Alraune Class Character.
  • Tenpay: The Music Shop Owner. She's a Succubus Class Character.

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