Angelic Choir
D1area 63
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 歌う聖霊の間
Romaji Utau seirei no ma
Location Celestia
Episode Final Episode: What Lies Beyond the Battle
Enemies Lv. 55 Angel x 3
Lv. 57 Rune Knight x 4
Lv. 60 Valkyrie x 2
Lv. 60 Angel Cadet x 3
Lv. 65 Angel Soldier
Bonus Rank 26
Geo Symbols Lv. 70 Red 'Recovery 20%'
Lv. 70 Red 'DEF +50%'
Geo Panels Red
Previous map Paradise
Next map Coliseum (Disgaea)

Angelic Choir is the third map of Final Episode: What Lies Beyond the Battle in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

Story Edit

Laharl and his companions are greeted by Vulcanus, who seems intent on finishing what his angel squad in the previous map started. However, after a lengthy conversation about who is evil and who is right, Vulcanus calls forth a new angel squad and leaves the map. So we're not fighting him yet.

Strategy Edit

There are several red panels with bonus effects scattered over the map, and most of them are occupied by the opponents. However, 2 free panels are close to the base so you can use these to your advantage. If you place an already sturdy character on the red panel, you can use him as a tank and let the enemies come to you. This will lure them away from the red panels they are standing on, while you keep the advantage.

The Angels can heal each other. So to avoid them healing each other, focus your attacks on the number of enemies you can take out in one turn. The Archer can cause status ailments with her bow attacks. So keep a healer (or another character with with the Espoir spell) at ready to deal with those quickly. The knights will most likely flock together and cast buffs on each other. This keeps them from joining the fight early one. However, by the time the other enemies have been taken care off, they will be ready to dash out some serious melee and magic damage.

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