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Absolute Zero
D1area 19
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 絶対零度
Romaji Zettaireido
Location Jotunheim
Episode Etna's Secret
Enemies 9 lvl 12 Imps
Bonus Rank 9
Geo Symbols 1 ATK -50% (Yellow)
1 DEF +50% (Yellow)
1 Ally Damage 20% (Yellow)
Geo Panels whole map: Yellow
Previous map Molten Labyrinth
Next map Endless White

Absolute Zero is the first map of Episode 5: Etna's Secret in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

There is no story that happens upon entering this map.

Map StrategiesEdit

This map is fairly difficult, due to the Geo Symbols decreasing attack and increasing defense, while the Ally Damage 20% symbol sucks away at the party's Hit Points. The best thing to do first is get rid of the Ally Damage Geo, such as by summoning a Scout's Dark Cannon to eliminate the enemies around the symbol and then the symbol itself. The rest of the map's enemies can then be defeated, although the player may choose to destroy the other Geo Symbols to make the job easier.

Other TacticsEdit

This map is a little harder to abuse due to the nature of the Geo set up. But if you can, you may use this level to abuse Magic and the Dark Cannon skill if you do so wish. This Map is also great for Weapon Mastery and Magic level gain, since your attacking power decreases, even if casting on an ally, since they take half of the damage they usually would.

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